Host an Experience.

Radiate Excitement as You Host a Jewelry Trunk Show.

Host a Wasee Jewels Trunk Show at Your Home, Online, or in Your Local Area. Invite your friends local influencers and more. We have a huge online presence that will put you on the map of hosting. 

Who is the ideal host for a Wasee Jewels?

Anyone! Hosting a Wasee Jewels Trunk Show is a delightful opportunity to connect with fellow women and exchange jewelry and style inspirations. The most exciting aspect of hosting a trunk show is that we express our gratitude by offering you discounted items as a token of appreciation. Don't forget to email us for our reward Plan!

What can you expect from a typical Wasee Jewels trunk show?

A trunk show offers a personalized and enjoyable opportunity to connect with your friends. It's a chance to discover their stories and share your own, all while showcasing our exquisite jewelry. Whether you choose to host it in your home, in your local area, or in your city, your Wasee Jewels trunk show promises to create a glamorous and celebrity-style experience for you and your friends, living up to the allure of our brand name.

You can host your friends' birthday parties, ladies' events, or any special gatherings with our glamorous trunk show, all tailored to your unique style. We will design your event in an unforgettable manner. You have the option to create your own collection of gift bags.

For more info on Trunk Show events and parties contact via our online form or email