Meet the designer.

Farah Wasi Ghatala , started her small business within her home. She started her journey when she realized that there was not enough inclusivity to showcase other cultures’ beauty. Farah wanted to show the world that there was so much more to see, with the world setting the ‘western’ standard of beauty to the highest regard.

With that goal in mind, Farah started to learn how to make jewelry, picking up the craft of her own accord. She utilized her training in fine arts, animation, and advertising from thee prestigious Academy of Arts University San Francisco. With an exceptional understanding of art history, Farah was able to incorporate her knowledge into her jewelry.

By 2016, she launched a website called Wasee Jewels that would attract the attention of celebrities who carried her work into music videos, movies, and even red carpet events like the Cannes Film Festival and Grammys. As her dream was finally being realized, Farah decided to go even further and shift her focus to diversities, genders, and people ostracized by the media to showcase how unconventional beauty really is.