Wasee Jewels were founded by a Pakistani–American in 2016 as a home-based business. Farah Ghatala used her expertise at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco to go deep into designing jewelry heavily influenced by her culture. Her designs also consider other cultures and ethnicities, giving the business an edge by allowing people to relate to and connect with it.

Wasee Jewels answer the question: What makes diversity in jewelry?

Wasee Jewels specialize in handcrafted art that incorporates historical, conceptual, and contemporary elements. The brand’s product strives to highlight the beauty of other cultures, and she uses sustainable ways to make her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Wasee Jewels are famous for being moderately priced, with a broad product line that includes a variety of earrings, necklaces, and other accessories and their distinctiveness and multicultural appeal. In addition, Wasee Jewels creates products tailored to the individual’s styles and needs.

They’re handcrafted and developed by extraordinary artists who realize that jewelry has a deep emotional connection with the person who wears them. The company’s services go beyond the rules of the jewelry industry because it focuses on the underserved and provides them with a platform to display the beauty of their culture. Farah goes above Western beauty standards to show her audience that they are beautiful even if they don’t want to fit in. Farah Ghatala’s great interest in culture, fashion, and how they are connected led to the creation of her jewels.

Acceptance from Hollywood

Wasee Jewels were founded on the belief that the fashion business could present a broader spectrum of global fashion and culture. So she set out to change that. The company’s slogan, “A Story You Can Wear,” highlights the company’s main objective, which conveys a message in every production process and piece sent out to clients.

The company has left its imprint in a sector it helped to build while maintaining its authenticity and uniqueness. “With our jewelry, we want to tell a tale and strive to transmit it in a way that many people have described as captivating,” Farah explained. “What we’re doing is ambitious, but that’s what sets Wasee Jewels apart from other designers.”

As a result, WaseeJewels has developed a solid reputation since its inception. Several celebrities have donned the company’s designs on red carpet events such as the Grammy Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. Her designs were spotted on Marvel star Xochitl Gomez, Saweetie, Lady Gaga, Emma Chamberlain and Paris Hilton. Jhene Aiko and Tabitha Brown are two celebrities who have used Wasee Jewels for music videos and photoshoots.


Wasee Jewels’ acceptance into mainstream Hollywood maintains Farah Ghatala’s passion. She is confident that the brand will one day become a household name with which well-known people would be proud to be associated.


Over the next few years, Farah Wasi Ghatala aspires to design pieces that people desire to wear regardless of their location or culture. While also delivering unique goods that are rare to find.

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