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Black and white

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Black n white 😷 Unisex available in 2 different styles😎

A perfect combo that is Chic, classy and elegant as well. Plaid print is one of the most popular and favorite. Enjoy this triple layered fashionable protective face mask designed with care, love💕 and keeping the current trend and safety in mind. Face masks are mandatory during these tough times and we have put a lot of thought process before stitching this beauty.
Your safety is our priority❤️ In our research we found out 100% cotton is not very effective in preventing from virus so we came up with a combo of different materials to make a perfect mask to filter out the virus as much as possible.

A mix of silk, polyester, cotton and spandex is the most effective combo filtering out 80-99% of particles, depending on their size. This combination is comparable to N95 mask with a style that you will ❤️ 

We will be donating all money raised from the sale to Black lives matter cause to fight against racism.

Our Masks are made in USA with the highest quality filter for virus protection and nose metal for better fit perfectly stitched💕 individually packaged for your safety🙏both sides wearable print or plain❤️

  Breathable, Washable, Anti Haze and Anti Fog😷 

The most important part your ears 👂 won’t hurt .

Because we Care❤️

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